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  • Helicopter activities

    Stringing transmission lines

    We use helicopters to string transmission lines during our construction projects. If you live in an area where we have a project, you can keep up-to-date with the project in our Project section.

    Maintenance patrols

    As part of our regular maintenance program and to protect the safety of the community and the operation of our assets, Powerlink conducts aerial patrols of land and vegetation controls around our transmission lines using low flying helicopters.

    Between October and November 2014*, Powerlink will inspect transmission lines in the regions listed in the table below.

    During this activity, you may notice a helicopter flying at a low level near the transmission lines. The helicopter pilot will endeavour to maintain the maximum distance practically possible from houses, livestock and crops to minimise any disruptions to landholders.

    Powerlink thanks you for your understanding during these aerial patrols.

    Patrol region      


    Northern Queensland (Oct-Nov)

    Townsville, Kelso, Kelso Park, Rangewood, Alice River, Ross, Woodstock, Mulgrave, Kirknie, Millaroo, Stuart, Alligator Creek, Cromarty, Mount Surround, Moranbah, Shirbourne, Majors Creek, Clare, Mona Park, Giru

     Far North Queensland  (Nov) Tolga
     Central Queensland (Nov)             Gladstone

    * These dates may change at late notice subject to weather conditions. 

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