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Transmission Annual Planning Report 2017

Please note the Transmission Annual Planning Report is a technical document aimed at people who are familiar with the electricity industry.

If you're not familiar with the technical terms, measures and diagrams used, refer to the overview document which aims to define and explain in plain English what plans Powerlink has in place to meet the forecast electricity demand.

In addition to the below report, this year we are also providing:

Document File Type File Size
Transmission Annual Planning Report 2017 (complete report) 5.00 MB
Overview 1.00 MB
Executive Summary 182.00 KB
Chapter 1 - Introduction 215.00 KB
Chapter 2 - Energy and demand projections 438.00 KB
Chapter 3 - Committed and commissioned network developments 496.00 KB
Chapter 4 - Future network development 555.00 KB
Chapter 5 - Network capability and performance 1.00 MB
Chapter 6 - Strategic planning 266.00 KB
Chapter 7 - Renewable energy 667.00 KB
Appendices 2.00 MB