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Kemmis Substation, located approximately 32km north west of Nebo, was established in 2002 to support the load growth arising from the expansion of mining in the northern Bowen Basin and to provide a bulk supply point for the regional distribution network owned by Ergon Energy (part of the Energy Queensland Group).

The secondary systems at Kemmis Substation broadly perform the functions of transmission element protection, data collection, remote (and local) control and monitoring. Commissioned almost 20 years ago, most secondary systems at the Kemmis Substation are reaching the end of their technical service lives, and are no longer supported by the manufacturer, with limited spares available.

Increasing failure rates, along with the increased time to rectify the faults due to the obsolescence of the equipment significantly affects the availability and reliability of these systems and hence their ability to continue to meet the requirements of the National Electricity Rules (the Rules).

In June 2019 Powerlink published a 'Project Specification Consultation Report' (PSCR) identifying the proposed preferred option to address the risks and claiming exemption from producing a 'Project Assessment Draft Report' (PADR) as allowed for under NER Clause 5.16.4(z1).

There were no submissions received in response to the PSCR, which closed in September 2019. As a result, no additional credible options that could deliver a material market benefit have been identified and the outcomes of the economic analysis contained in the 'Project Assessment Conclusions Report' (PACR) remain unchanged from those published in the PSCR.

The PACR recommends the full replacement of all secondary systems at Kemmis, including the capacitor bank secondary system, by June 2023. The indicative capital cost of this option is $6.8 million in 2018/19 prices. Powerlink is the proponent of this option.

In the context of engagement activities with consumers and the general community, Powerlink has assessed this project as ‘minor’ on the RIT-T Stakeholder Engagement Matrix.

A copy of the Project Assessment Conclusions Report is available below.