Powerlink is a leading Australian provider of high voltage electricity transmission network services, combining innovation with insight to deliver safe, cost effective and reliable solutions.

Powerlink is a State Government Owned Corporation which owns, operates and maintains the transmission network that extends 1,700km from north of Cairns to the New South Wales border, and comprises 15,337 circuit kilometres of transmission lines and 140 substations. 

We deliver the transmission services needed to support economic growth and enrich lifestyles across the country.

We have a strong history of connecting customers to the energy they need, providing electricity to almost five million Queenslanders and 236,000 businesses.


Queensland map - Powerlink transmission network

Powerlink's role in the electricity supply chain is to transport high voltage electricity, generated at major power stations, through its transmission grid to the distribution networks owned by Energex, Ergon Energy and Essential Energy (in northern NSW) to supply customers.

We also transport electricity to high usage industrial customers such as rail companies, mines and mineral processing facilities, and to New South Wales via the Queensland/NSW Interconnector transmission line.

Our Customer Service Charter

The charter outlines our customer service standards and responsibilities and provides a clear understanding of what to expect from us.