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Powerlink has recently published a 'Project Assessment Conclusions Report' to maintain reliability of supply in the Rockhampton area.

The Egans Hill to Rockhampton transmission line is a 132kV double circuit line commissioned in 1963 that forms part of the connection between Powerlink's Bouldercombe and Rockhampton substations. It provides a critical link into the Rockhampton Substation, which is a major injection point for the Rockhampton and surrounding area distribution network.

The transmission line between Egans Hill and Rockhampton is nearing the end of its technical service life, with the majority of structures on the transmission line exhibiting signs of degradation. Specifically, loss of the galvanising on members, the onset of early corrosion to nuts, bolts and hardware, and the decay of grillage foundations, all increase the risk of mechanical failure of components of the transmission line, particularly in storm and cyclonic conditions. This presents a risk to the ongoing safe, reliable and economic supply of electricity into Rockhampton and the surrounding area requiring resolution.

In accordance with the Regulatory Investment Test for Transmission (RIT-T), Powerlink published a Project Specification Consultation Report (PSCR) in September 2018, followed by the publication of the Project Assessment Draft Report (PADR) in January 2019. The PADR identified the preferred option, a staged life extension of the line, with Stage 1 to be completed by December 2020 and Stage 2 by December 2030, with a full rebuild by 2044. Both the PSCR and PADR invited submissions on credible non-network options, which could address the identified need. There were no submissions received in response to either the PSCR or PADR.

The outcomes of the economic analysis contained in the PACR remain unchanged from those published in the PADR. Consequently, the draft recommendation to implement the preferred option has been adopted without change as the final recommendation in the PACR.

The RIT-T project for this option involves refitting and painting the northern section of the line and refitting without painting the southern section of the line by December 2020, at an estimated capital cost of $9.98 million in 2018/19 prices. Powerlink is the proponent of the proposed network project.

In the context of engagement activities with consumers and the general community, Powerlink has assessed this project as 'normal' on the RIT-T Stakeholder Engagement Matrix.

A copy of the Project Assessment Conclusions Report is available below.


A copy of the Project Assessment Draft Report and Project Specification Consultation Report is available below.