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Tarong Substation was established in 1982 and forms part of the 275kV backbone servicing South East Queensland, as well as local loads in the Tarong and Chinchilla areas. The Tarong local area load includes auxiliary supply to Tarong Power Station. Chinchilla Substation was established in 1986 to supply bulk electricity to the distribution network in the area, via a double circuit 132kV transmission line from Tarong Substation.

Four transformers at Tarong are nearing the end of their respective service lives, with recent condition assessments revealing a range of increasing network and safety risks arising from their continued operation. Two of these transformers supply the local area load at Tarong while two transformers provide back-up supply to Chinchilla.

Chinchilla’s secondary systems and the majority of its primary plant are also approaching the end of their respective technical lives. In particular, the secondary systems and circuit breakers are now obsolete and no longer supported by their manufacturers, with only limited spares available.

Planning studies have confirmed an enduring need for the supply of existing electricity services to the area.

The proposed preferred option that is considered to satisfy the RIT-T involves reconfiguring Chinchilla Substation such that supply is from the Surat Basin network, by replacing selected primary plant and secondary systems, and replacing only two of the four transformers at Tarong by 2025. Powerlink is the proponent of this network option.

The indicative capital cost of the RIT T project for the preferred option is $27.9 million in 2020/21 prices.

Powerlink welcomes submissions from potential proponents who consider they may be able to offer a credible non-network option that is both economically and technically feasible to address risks identified in the PSCR.

Submissions are due by COB Monday, 22 November 2021.

In the context of engagement activities with consumers and the general community, Powerlink has assessed this project as 'minor' on the RIT-T stakeholder engagement matrix.

A copy of the Project Specification Consultation Report is available below.