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Powerlink worked alongside the Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee (B4C) and St Laurence’s College to revegetate and enhance an important biodiversity corridor in Brisbane’s south. Located at the St Laurence’s College Runcorn Playing Fields adjacent to Bulimba Creek, the community project involved weed removal, plant recovery, tree plantings and water monitoring to tackle creek bank erosion, increase vegetation density, rehabilitate habitat for native wildlife and improve water quality.

Students played an important role, rolling up their sleeves to help plant trees and revegetate the strategic biodiversity corridor. On ground words concluded in December 2017.

Runcorn planting

The project also had a strong educational focus to highlight the importance of environmental conservation among St Laurence’s College students and local residents. Powerlink and B4C presented a guest lecture at the school in late 2016 to educate students about the importance of looking after local catchments and the approach Powerlink takes to protect the environment.

Runcorn planting

Kookaburras spotted in 2017


Runcorn kookaburras