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The Queensland Government is investigating a potential pumped hydro energy storage facility at Borumba Dam, located near Imbil, 45 minutes south west of Gympie.

Borumba Dam has been identified by the Queensland Government as one of the best potential sites for long duration pumped hydro in Queensland through the Queensland Hydro Study. It has also been earmarked as a potential pumped hydro site for nearly four decades.

Powerlink was selected by the Queensland Government to manage the detailed design and cost analysis which is the next phase of work required to investigate this project.

Get involved

Community and stakeholder engagement is a key priority for the project to help deliver not only the best outcomes for Queensland, but also the local community. 

Powerlink and the Queensland Government are committed to engaging early and often with the community and key stakeholders to ensure we deliver not only the best outcomes for Queenslanders, but also those who live in the region. Recent stakeholder and community drop-in sessions were held at Imbil and Gympie for the local community, Queenslanders and businesses to find out more about the long-term benefits. Read the project stakeholder workshop presentation here.

A comprehensive assessment of environmental impacts will form part of the analysis, and stakeholders will have an opportunity to provide input into relevant studies within the detailed design and cost analysis throughout the process.

Any potential environmental impacts will be taken into consideration when the Queensland Government determines if the Borumba project should move ahead.


While Borumba Dam has been identified as a potential site for pumped hydro, further studies are required to progress the project. In June 2021, the Queensland Government announced $22 million for detailed analytical studies for the project, with these commencing in late 2021. 

Pumped hydro will play a vital role in the transformation of the energy system to renewable energy and a more diverse generation mix across Queensland.