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The Garbutt to Alan Sherriff transmission line is an essential link in Powerlink’s transmission network, supplying electricity to the Townsville region.

After being in service for nearly 60 years, the original parallel 3.8 kilometre transmission lines had reached the end of their technical service life and required replacement to ensure a safe and reliable electricity supply into the future.

During 2017, Powerlink undertook works to replace the aged transmission lines (including 20 towers) with a single 132kV line on 12 steel poles.

Works were staged to ensure an ongoing safe and reliable electricity supply to the Townsville area during construction. The project also included the replacement of two transmission poles leading into the Alan Sherriff Substation to align with aviation authority requirements.

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All activities were undertaken in accordance with rigorous environmental management requirements.

Townsville City Council Revegetation Initiative

Powerlink is currently in the maintenance phase of a greening program being delivered in association with this project. During 2018, Powerlink worked alongside Townsville City Council to plant 2,000 drought tolerant native trees near the transmission line, as well as completing work to enhance the food garden at the adjacent Heatley Secondary College.

You can learn more about the initiative by visiting our community involvement page


Construction activities for the Garbutt to Alan Sherriff Transmission Line Replacement Project were completed between April and November 2017. Maintenance of the trees planted for the associated greening program continued until mid 2019.

Townsville City Council Revegetation Initiative