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The Gladstone to Boyne Island transmission line is a key part of Powerlink's transmission network in Central Queensland supplying a major industrial customer and underpinning the region's economic sustainability and growth. It transports high voltage electricity generated at the Gladstone Power Station to Boyne Smelter Limited's aluminium smelter.

After operating in a coastal environment for more than 35 years, the line requires specialist maintenance works to ensure the safe, reliable and cost effective supply of high voltage electricity to the smelter into the future. The refit project involves completing maintenance activities on transmission towers along the line.

Following completion of tower inspections in late 2016, construction activities to refit the towers commenced in April 2017. Construction works vary at each tower and may include replacing corroded nuts, bolts, steelwork, hardware and insulators as required.

All project activities will be undertaken in accordance with any property entry conditions and Land Access Protocol (LAP). The document outlines the standards and commitments Powerlink and our representatives will adhere to when accessing properties to carry out these works. We are committed to safely managing potential impacts associated with the project.


Construction works for the Gladstone to Boyne Island Transmission Line Refit Project commenced in April 2017 and are expected to be completed in mid 2021.

Powerlink will continue to work closely with landholders nearest to the project, as well as providing broader community updates about construction works and subsequent project milestones.



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