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Powerlink undertook a project to decommission and remove 105km of high voltage 132kV electricity transmission line from Proserpine Substation to Sugarshed Road in Glenella.

The line was in service for more than 50 years and reached the end of its technical service life. Powerlink's transmission network continues to provide ongoing electricity supply through remaining 275kV and 132kV transmission lines that run through the Proserpine and Mackay region.

Decommissioning works finished near Sugarshed Road in Glenella. The remaining section of transmission line to Mackay Substation was refitted in 2012, extending its technical service life. This line is being retained to meet any future electricity demand associated with development in the area.

As part of the Proserpine to Glenella Decommissioning Project, Powerlink surrendered the associated transmission line easements. This was primarily an administrative process where Powerlink's registered easement from each land title is removed.


Powerlink works were completed in 2018.