Powerlink is reviewing its transmission pricing arrangements in response to ongoing customer concerns about affordability and changing customer expectations. 

We consider it vital that all parts of the electricity system, including transmission, play their role in trying to address affordability concerns and put downward pressure on prices. The challenge for Powerlink is to find ways to adapt to the changing environment and deliver our transmission services to meet customer expectations at the lowest long run cost.


On 18 November 2020 we published our Final Positions Paper, which concludes our Transmission Pricing Consultation.  We received valuable feedback to our Draft Positions Paper, which has informed our final positions.

Our Final Positions Paper includes one proposed amendment to our Proposed Pricing Methodology, which will be submitted to the Australian Energy Regulator as part of our 2023-27 Revenue Proposal. Specifically this change will progressively transition customers towards locational charges based on peak demand only over the next two regulatory periods (or 10-years), commencing 1 July 2022.  

We have also published a marked-up version of our current Pricing Methodology that implements the change above.  It includes other minor amendments that we will include in our 2023-27 Revenue Proposal, primarily for clarity.

We look forward to engaging with our customers in future on other pricing related matters that the consultation has raised and can be addressed in the normal course of business. 


On 26 August 2020 the Draft Positions Paper was published. This paper builds on the pricing criteria and potential pricing options discussed in the Transmission Pricing Consultation Paper.  

To facilitate further engagement and to understand how any potential changes may impact our customers, the paper highlights key themes from input and discussions to date as well as an overview of the outcomes from detailed modelling of alternative pricing arrangements.

Submissions to the Draft Positions Paper closed on 25 September 2020. The next step in this process is the publication of a Final Pricing Outcomes Paper.

Powerlink received feedback to the Draft Positions Paper in the form of informal feedback as well as five formal submissions. Two of these were provided on a confidential basis. Public submissions are published below. 


As part of this review process, on 26 July 2019 we published a Transmission Pricing Consultation Paper to provide an avenue to proactively engage with our customers and stakeholders and gain valuable input that will ensure any future pricing arrangements deliver optimal outcomes across our diverse customer base.

The Consultation Paper outlines proposed pricing criteria and alternative pricing options for this review. 

Consultation on this paper closed 6 September 2019. The next step in this process is the publication of a Transmission Pricing Draft Positions Paper.


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