Powerlink has a strong focus on seeking feedback and insights from customers and stakeholders to ensure our business is delivering valued outcomes.

Queensland Household Energy Survey

Since 2009, Powerlink in conjunction with Ergon Energy and Energex, has run the Queensland Household Energy Survey. Thousands of households across Queensland are surveyed on their energy usage, appliance saturation and energy efficient behaviours. The feedback helps us plan the electricity transmission network and forecast energy usage now and into the future. Your feedback on how you use electricity is important to us.

The survey is conducted by an independent research partner - Colmar Brunton. We will publish the 2019 insights report in early 2020.

In 2018, almost 5,000 Queenslanders completed the Household Energy Survey – which is a record response rate for this annual survey. Find out what our customers told us last year in the below insights report.


Stakeholder perception survey

Each year we conduct a survey with our stakeholders to get a better understanding of how they perceive Powerlink’s performance and their key issues. This survey guides our engagement planning, informs decision making and provides insights into what matters most to our stakeholders.

In our latest survey in 2019, 95 respondents took part in an online 'pulse' survey which is undertaken every second year, with a more comprehensive interview-based survey due later in 2020.

There were positive results from a Social Licence to Operate perspective, an internationally recognised standard that measures the level of acceptance or approval granted to Powerlink by its stakeholders. A score of 4.01 out of 5 placed us in the high approval range, consistent with our scores in 2017 and 2018.

We also recorded our best Reputation score in the past five years (at 4.03 up from 3.66 in 2018), as our stakeholder groups continue to recognise our external focus and willingness to engage with them.  

The pulse results also indicated the rapidly changing energy system is creating levels of uncertainty among stakeholders.  For the first time, the number one issue for our stakeholders was dealing with the energy system in transition, which led to a strong value being placed on transparency and stakeholder engagement. 


Stakeholder Perception Survey table