Powerlink's stakeholder engagement is driven by one principle - it must be genuine, timely and lead to improved decision-making and outcomes for our stakeholders. 

In developing and maintaining Queensland’s high voltage electricity transmission network, we recognise the importance of engaging with a diverse range of stakeholders including consumers, customers, landholders,  environmental groups, Traditional Owners, government agencies and industry bodies. 

We are committed to:

  • Engaging early to increase the level of influence on decision making 

  • Presenting information in a clear and accessible manner so that stakeholders can meaningfully participate and provide informed feedback

  • Providing a clear scope of engagement outlining which elements of operations and decision making stakeholders could influence

  • Genuinely consider feedback received and ensure it appropriately influenced decisions made

  • Demonstrate how engagement has improved decision making by regularly communicating with stakeholders about how their input has been considered.

 To help us improve the effectiveness of how we listen, inform and interact with stakeholders, we have sought feedback from landholders, state and local governments, government agencies, customers and electricity consumers. 

Using this feedback, we developed a suite of initiatives and engagement guidelines, and continue to focus on improving these as part of business as usual activities. 

Customer research

Since 2009, Powerlink in conjunction with Ergon Energy and Energex, has run the Queensland Household Energy Survey. Thousands of households across Queensland are surveyed on their energy usage, appliance saturation and energy efficient behaviours. The feedback helps us plan the electricity transmission network and forecast energy usage now and into the future. More than 4,500 Queenslanders participated in the survey between November and December 2017.

Find out what our customers told us: