We are committed to genuine and timely stakeholder engagement that leads to improved decision-making and better outcomes for our stakeholders.

As our operations stretch across Queensland, we engage with a diversity of stakeholders when conducting our business.  This includes our customers, landholders, environmental and community groups, government agencies and industry bodies.

We are committed to:

  • engaging early with stakeholders in the decision-making process 
  • working with stakeholders to identify engagement preferences 
  • presenting information in a clear and accessible manner 
  • providing a clear scope of engagement opportunities
  • genuinely considering feedback 
  • demonstrating how engagement has improved decision making 
  • educating staff to improve their engagement skills, identifying future opportunities and building a strong internal culture that values engagement.

Customer research

Since 2009, Powerlink in conjunction with Ergon Energy and Energex, has run the Queensland Household Energy Survey. Thousands of households across Queensland are surveyed on their energy usage, appliance saturation and energy efficient behaviours. The feedback helps us plan the electricity transmission network and forecast energy usage now and into the future. Your feedback on how you use electricity is important to us.

In 2018, almost 5,000 Queenslanders completed the Household Energy Survey – which is a record response rate for this annual survey. Find out what our customers told us last year in the below insights report.