With the sheer breadth of change that comes with the new energy future here in Queensland, meeting the needs and expectations of the communities we work in is more important than ever.

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We have always held a strong view that engaging with local communities is an important part of providing our electricity transmission services safely, reliably and cost effectively. This is front and centre as we look at the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Our infrastructure stays in service for up to 50 years, and partnering with all of our host communities from Cairns down to the New South Wales border is important to building relationships based on respect and trust.

Most importantly, we are focusing on partnering that delivers local community benefits for the longer term.

The principles we will live up to – from operating and maintaining our existing network, through to planning and building the network of the future - are to:

  • Build relationships based on trust, and communicate in an accurate and clear way 
  • Be an active community member: engage early and often
  • Deliver tangible benefits where we operate our network
  • Partner with key stakeholders in our communities
  • Enable open and transparent dialogue.

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