Network Maintenance Programs

Powerlink manages network maintenance programs that ensure ongoing reliability and security of electricity supply.

Powerlink provides complete maintenance solutions with highly experienced specialist staff providing safe, cost efficient services. Services include telecommunications, substation capabilities, emergency service, live line and live substation work.

Powerlink ensures the highest standards of maintenance and operational management, including:

  • Works planning and scheduling

  • Auditing of practices and procedures and compliance checking

  • Asset inspections

  • SME advice on asset risk

  • Field testing

  • Protection and systems analysis

  • Major plant failure and fault root cause investigations

  • Asset performance trending, analysis and reporting

  • Asset condition monitoring, analysis and assessment, and

  • Analysis of oil and gas samples.

Transmission lines capabilities

  • Overhead line installation and maintenance up to 330kV

  • Stringing conductor and optical fibre cable (OPGW) including Cradle Block Methodology

  • OPGW cable installation and maintenance

  • Easement services including inspection and maintenance

  • Line survey and design verification

  • Live line capability and engineering support

  • Pole and steel lattice tower inspection and maintenance, and

  • Emergency restoration.

Substation capabilities

Powerlink delivers a range of services for brownfield sites. Substation capabilities include:

  • Substation maintenance, testing, commissioning and technical support

  • HV network switching operations

  • Asset inspection and maintenance

  • Primary and Secondary equipment testing and commissioning

  • Live substation services and engineering support

  • Switch gear installation, upgrade or replacement

  • Civil works management

  • CT and VT testing

  • Protection, control and metering systems installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance to IEC61850 and other industry standards, and

  • SCADA maintenance.

Live line and live substation work

Powerlink’s technicians have extensive experience in live line and live substation techniques. Powerlink has a reputation for excellence and safety in all aspects of its live work, and is recognised as a Live Substation techniques leader. Powerlink is accredited in the use of both hot stick and bare hand work.

Emergency service

Powerlink provides a 24/7 maintenance and breakdown response service to ensure network reliability through rapid response of resources and materials.