The Powerlink Queensland Constitution enables the Board to delegate its powers to the Chief Executive or other employees of Powerlink Queensland.

To facilitate our day-to-day operations, the Board has delegated its authority (within specified limits) to the Chief Executive and other delegates:

  • The Chief Executive is authorised to sub-delegate any powers delegated to the Chief Executive by the Board to any office-holder within the business whom the Chief Executive believes to be appropriately qualified to exercise the sub-delegated power. The Chief Executive will report annually to the Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee any changes to sub-delegations other than ‘Purchases of Goods and Services’.
  • Executive Managers may sub-delegate the ‘Approval for Purchase of Goods and Services’ delegation, but only up to and including their delegation limit and only to the positions within their Division. No other sub-delegations are allowed.

Delegation of financial authority attaches to the position, not the individual occupying the position, and only the occupier of the position (including those acting in a position) may exercise that authority.

Any sub-delegation by the Chief Executive or a Executive Manager must be in writing, signed by the sub-delegator and made in favour of a specified office, by reference to the title of the office concerned.

Any such sub-delegation will not relieve the sub-delegator of his or her obligation to ensure that the power is properly exercised. In particular, the sub-delegator must ensure that any requirements for Board or other approval or any post-notification or similar requirements are complied with.

It is the responsibility of each delegate to ensure that they act within the strict limits of their delegated authority.