We conduct aerial inspections of land and vegetation around our transmission lines using low flying helicopters.

These inspections form part of our regular maintenance program to protect the safety of the community and ensure the safe and reliable operation of our assets.

A key focus is to complete this work with minimum disruption to local communities.

At times we also conduct insulator washing as part of some of these helicopter inspections - an important activity to ensure the safety and reliability of the transmission network in preparation for the storm and cyclone season. 

We’ve developed information brochures regarding our regular maintenance program which can be downloaded below. 


  • Northern Queensland  (June to September*)
    Alice River, Arriga, Basilisk, Bayview Heights, Bemerside, Birkalla, Black River, Blackrock, Camp Creek , Chewko, Coorumba, Dingo Pocket, East Feluga, Edmonton, El Arish, Ellerbeck, Evelyn, Feluga, Greenvale, Hervey Range (Charters Towers), Ingham, Innot Hot Springs, Kaban, Kelso, Koah, Kooroomool, Lamb Range, Mareeba, Maria Creeks, Mena Creek, Millstream , Mount Sheridan, Mundoo, Pinnacles, Silkwood, Silky Oak, South Johnstone, Toomulla, Trebonne, Tully, Victoria Plantation, Walkamin, Watsonville, White Rock (Cairns), Woree and Wrights Creek.

  • Central Queensland (June to September*)
    Ambrose, Beecher, Benaraby, Bororen, Bracewell, Burua, Byellee, Callemondah, Calliope, Captain Creek, Clinton, Collinsville, Colosseum, Eton, Gladstone, Glenella, Gindoran, Greenmount (Mackay), Homebush, Kirkwood, Lowmead, Moranbah, Mount Britton, Mount Coolon, Nebo, North Eton, Oakenden, Pleystowe, Scottville, Toolooa, Turrawulla, Turkey Beach, Valkyrie, Victoria Plains, West Mackay and Yarwun.

  • Wide Bay-Burnett (June to September*)
    Euleilah, Gaeta, Gin Gin, Maidenwell and Rosedale.

  • Darling Downs South West  (June to September*)
    Brigalow, Chinchilla, Condamine, Crossroads, Ducklo and Miles.

  • South East Queensland (September*)
    Blenheim, Calvert, Carpendale, Ebenezer, Flagstone Creek, Grandchester, Laidley South, Ma Ma Creek, Mount Forbes, Mount Mort, Preston, Rockmount, Ropeley and Upper Tenthill. 


During our inspections, you may notice a helicopter flying at a low level near our transmission lines. The helicopter pilot will endeavour to maintain the maximum distance practically possible from houses, livestock and crops to minimise any disruptions to landholders. Insulator washing work will involve the helicopter pausing at transmission towers and using a long, rigid hose to spray demineralised water at high pressure to clean the insulators which are located near the top of the towers.

If you have a Powerlink easement on or near your property and would like to register your details to receive more information about future inspections in your area, or to ensure your contact details are up to date, please contact us on FREECALL 1800 635 369 (during business hours).

*These dates may change at late notice subject to weather conditions.