Powerlink has delivered a number of positive environmental initiatives and programs, aiming to reduce the visual impacts of our infrastructure and providing long term benefits to communities. 

Waste reduction and recycling position

Powerlink is committed to managing waste in a manner that is efficient, environmentally responsible, cost effective and compliant with Powerlink’s statutory obligations. Powerlink’s primary objectives in relation to waste reduction and recycling are to:

  • promote waste avoidance
  • promote waste reduction
  • optimise resource recovery.

To achieve Powerlink’s waste management objectives and statutory compliance, Powerlink will implement a waste reduction and recycling plan that includes:

  • waste reduction and recycling targets for waste generated by Powerlink
  • short term actions to improve waste reduction and recycling
  • longer term actions for achieving continuous improvement in waste management
  • management, monitoring and reporting of performance against targets and implementation of identified actions.

The waste reduction and recycling plan is reviewed annually.