We partner with Ergon and Energex to promote powerline safety and the Look Up and Live message.

Powerlink is a supporter of the Look Up and Live message. We partner with Energy Queensland (Ergon and Energex) to promote powerline safety.

Always take care and assume overhead powerlines are live and potentially dangerous. Planning is crucial to working safely around power lines. Contact us for more information so you can plan for safe work on Powerlink easements.

Take 5

Before you begin work, ‘Take 5’ to:

  • Think through the task
  • Always check the job site for electrical hazards including overhead powerlines, poles and stay wires
  • Assess the risks
  • Establish and introduce appropriate safety tools and control measures, and
  • Do the job safety.

All machinery operators and workers working near powerlines should be aware of their safety obligations under the Electrical Safety Act 2002 and adopt safe work practices in accordance with the Code of Practice “Working Near Exposed Live Parts”.