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Queenslanders have another opportunity to tell the state’s electricity networks about their energy needs and wants in the 2024 Queensland Household Energy Survey.

Energy Queensland CEO Peter Scott said the long-running survey was a joint initiative of Energex, Ergon Energy Network and Powerlink Queensland, who are encouraging more residential customers to share their insights this year.

“Every customer’s input into the Queensland Household Energy Survey matters and 4200 households participated last year. The more we understand about what’s happening on the home front, the clearer picture we have of what the network of the future needs to cater for.

“The energy landscape has changed dramatically since the first survey in 2009 when rooftop solar was only just taking off in Queensland and electric vehicles were a novelty.

“Last year’s survey results reflected the community’s focus on cost of living - 53% of respondents were concerned about their ability to pay their power bills, 75% were looking to reduce their electricity use and 72% of households with solar were using it to cut costs.

“Energy affordability has always been a top priority for us and all the feedback from our customers reinforces that approach,” Mr Scott said.

Powerlink Queensland CEO Paul Simshauser said understanding how Queenslanders are changing energy use behaviours and adopting new technology is critical to providing safe, cost effective and reliable electricity networks into the future.

“These insights are valuable as we plan a transmission network that meets the growing demand and needs of customers into the future.

“Our focus is firmly fixed on supplying affordable and reliable electricity to the more than five million Queenslanders we exist to serve.

“I encourage everyone to get involved and have their say.”

While the most recent survey results indicated waning interest in investing in some technologies - like battery storage and EVs - the intention to purchase solar remained steady, although renting is still a barrier.

“Your access to technology, the number of appliances in your household, the size of your family and their ages and stages of life all have an impact on your electricity use and how we can support your needs now and into the future,” Mr Scott said.

“With 2.3 million customers connected to the electricity distribution network, it is important that we stay ahead of consumer trends as we continue to support Queenslanders in the renewable energy transition.

“The Queensland Household Energy Survey builds on the wealth of hard data we use to plan network investment so that we continue delivering an affordable, reliable, sustainable and safe electricity supply for Queenslanders.”

The online Queensland Household Energy Survey is open from now until Sunday 21 April.

3 Apr 2024