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Powerlink’s 1,700 kilometre electricity transmission network is storm and summer ready after the completion of aerial inspections, emergency exercises, detailed planning and maintenance works.

With a hotter than average summer upon us, aerial inspections have covered more than 5,000 kilometres of line, and washed more than 3,300 insulators throughout 2018, contributing to the ongoing reliable supply of electricity to the state.

Chief Executive Merryn York said summer readiness preparations, particularly in severe storm locations of the state, were a key focus for Powerlink.

“Powerlink’s network delivers electricity to four million Queenslanders, so it is important that we are ready for the storm and summer season,” Ms York said.

"Works such as the aerial inspections and insulator washing are incredibly important to closely examine the transmission network and remove contaminants, including dust which can build up on the insulators and potentially cause issues.

"The aerial inspections are scheduled throughout the year, and in some very remote regions throughout the state. Utilising helicopters for this work is a cost and time effective approach to maintaining the transmission network."

Ms York said Powerlink had experienced people and tested procedures to ensure we restore power as safely and as quickly as possible following any extreme weather event.

"It only takes one significant weather event to impact the network, and that is why our preparations also include everything from running emergency simulations to testing equipment like diesel generators and communications equipment, to having temporary transmission towers on stand-by - ready to be transported at short notice if needed," she said.

"Our team is very experienced and ready to respond should an incident occur.

"The best way to stay informed about our network is to follow Powerlink on Twitter and Facebook."

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20 Dec 2018