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Queensland’s State Emergency Service (SES) today celebrated the renewal of its successful partnership with Energy Queensland and Powerlink Queensland.

Minister for Fire and Emergency Services Craig Crawford attended the launch event in Townsville and thanked both partner organisations for supporting the SES.

“Since 2015, our wonderful relationship with Energy Queensland and Powerlink Queensland has given SES volunteers the equipment they need to work with their communities and build resilience,” Mr Crawford said.

“Last year, our partnership provided 157 pieces of equipment for SES groups across Queensland, including generators, power tools, stretchers and thermal imagers.”

Thanks to the SES Supporting Partnership, $200 000 worth of equipment will be distributed to SES groups across the state.

Ergon Energy and Energex, as part of the Energy Queensland group, will contribute $150 000 and Powerlink Queensland will fund the additional $50 000.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) Commissioner Greg Leach said the partnership helped make Queenslanders more prepared for natural disasters by ensuring SES volunteers were well equipped.

“Energy Queensland and Powerlink Queensland are providing the equipment our volunteers need to support the community when disaster strikes,” Mr Leach said.

“I look forward to continuing our relationship with these agencies for the benefit of our volunteers and the community they serve.”

Energy Queensland CEO Rod Duke said both Ergon and Energex have been long-time supporters of the SES and looked forward to another year assisting their “invaluable volunteers.”

 “These members of the SES not only help make lives in the community better during and after emergencies, they also provide significant support to Energex and Ergon crews out there getting power back on.

“And for their tireless assistance for our crews and the wider community we are proud to continue our decade-long support of the amazing work they do.”

Powerlink Queensland Chief Executive Paul Simshauser said the opportunity to continue supporting thousands of volunteers to help Queenslanders in times of need was a privilege.

“Our involvement and support of the SES since 2016 is so rewarding, as we see first-hand the vital contribution SES volunteers make to help keep communities safe during severe weather and other extreme events,” Mr Simshauser said.

“Powerlink is proud to deliver a partnership program that makes a significant difference to Queensland communities.”

17 Jul 2020