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Critical works have started at our Lilyvale Substation to deliver a $28 million transformer and primary plant replacement project which will further bolster power supply in Central Queensland.

The Lilyvale Substation near Emerald was commissioned nearly 40 years ago and its primary equipment is reaching the end of its service life.

This project will ensure a continued reliable and safe power supply to Central Queensland communities and industry.

Powerlink Chief Executive Paul Simshauser said civil works had commenced on-site with the project to be completed in stages to minimise impacts on customers.

“The first stage is the installation of two new transformers, weighing 150 tonnes each. The transformer work is expected to be completed by September 2021,” Mr Simshauser said.

“Transformers are a significant piece of substation equipment that convert high voltage electricity from the transmission network down to a lower voltage suitable for Ergon Energy’s distribution network, which in turn delivers electricity to households and businesses.

“Once this stage is complete, the remaining work to replace primary plant on-site such as circuit breakers, structures and foundations will start, followed by decommissioning and removal of old equipment. Project works are expected to continue until late 2022.

”Our focus is on extending the life of the substation at the lowest long run cost to customers, and with the least disruption to the local community and industry.”

Lilyvale Substation is located approximately 50 kilometres from Emerald.

29 Jul 2021