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The Energy (Renewable Transformation and Jobs) Act 2024 (the Act) was passed in April 2024 and is a key enabler of the energy transformation. The Act establishes new arrangements to deliver major transmission investments in Queensland, known as Priority Transmission Investments.

The Priority Transmission Investment framework, including a tailored fit-for-purpose investment test, enables investment in critical transmission infrastructure in accordance with the Queensland SuperGrid Infrastructure Blueprint (Blueprint), supporting the realisation of Queensland’s renewable energy targets and decarbonisation.

Powerlink, the Queensland Government, Queensland Energy Security Advisory Board (QESAB) and 'suitably qualified persons' (as defined in the Act) also have roles and responsibilities within the process.

Learn more about the Priority Transmission Investment framework, which transmission investments it may apply to and ways to get involved.

Three ways to get involved 

Two consultations are undertaken as part of a Priority Transmission Investment process. These consultations are open for any interested party to respond to.  Please register if you are interested in consultations on Priority Transmission Investment and wish to be notified of consultation opportunities. 


If you are a non-network service provider and have not yet subscribed to Powerlink’s non-network service provider list, please join our register. JOIN OUR REGISTER OF NON-NETWORK SERVICE PROVIDERS

Powerlink is establishing a Priority Transmission Investment Panel. If you are interested in becoming a member of this panel, we encourage you to submit an expression of interest. 

Express your interest in becoming a PTI panel member

Find out more about Priority Transmission Investments in Queensland. 

26 Jun 2024