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At Powerlink, we are committed to helping connecting parties make informed decisions. To support this goal, we have published a suite of documents to increase transparency and improve customer understanding of our connections process.

The published documents provide valuable information relating to a number of connection process elements:

  • Financial information – our connection enquiry and application fees and the terms and conditions under which they apply
  • Technical specification – How we design our network, the components that make up a connection and our preferred layouts
  • Legal information – Our standard deeds, agreements, and approvals for new customer connections
  • Timeframes – Overview of the potential time it takes for a new connection from the initial connection enquiry to energisation of the connection assets
  • Operation and maintenance – Our routine operation and maintenance schedules for key plant and equipment.

The information we have published today is in accordance with the Australian Energy Market Commission’s requirements, as set out in the Transmission Connection and Planning Arrangements Rule Change, published 23 May 2017.

We encourage you to get in touch with us regarding any additional connection-related information.

1 Jul 2018