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Queenslanders can have their say on the State’s electricity future from today through the Queensland Household Energy Survey (QHES).

The annual online survey offers Queenslanders the chance to highlight their current and future electricity needs – as well as their concerns – and suggest opportunities for government owned power companies.

Energy Queensland CEO David Smales said information collected through the QHES assists the State’s power companies ¬ which includes the Energy Queensland Group of Energex and Ergon Energy, as well as Powerlink Queensland – better understand how Queenslanders are currently using power and how they plan to use it in the future.

“The QHES allows us to better target our planning of the State’s power networks in terms of the impacts of new technology being adopted by homeowners and how we can better manage our infrastructure to keep pace with the community’s ever-changing demand for energy,” Mr Smales said.

“Previous years’ QHES results have identified many evolving community electricity usage patterns, including Queenslanders warming to the idea of purchasing emerging technologies such as electric vehicles and home battery storage.

“The information provided by previous years’ respondents also assisted us in developing advanced tariff options, including changes to regulations allowing people to charge their electric vehicles and run energy-hungry appliances using cheaper off peak power.”

Powerlink Chief Executive Merryn York urged Queenslanders to take part in this year’s survey saying their input was imperative to ensure the State’s power networks understand what is required to meet their needs.

“The energy sector is in the middle of a period of rapid change, which brings with it challenges, but also some exciting opportunities,” Ms York said.

“Hearing from our customers through the QHES provides absolutely invaluable insights that helps shape the future of our networks.”

Participants in this year’s survey can take part by logging onto and will also have the chance to win a $100 gift voucher.

The survey will run until 3 December 2018.

15 Nov 2018