The Regulatory Investment Test for Transmission (RIT-T) has been extended to apply to replacement expenditure planning from 18 September 2017.

RIT-T for replacement

In addition to the consultation requirements for augmentation expenditure, the RIT-T has been extended to apply to replacement expenditure planning from 18 September 2017.

Powerlink has a number of projects that are expected to become committed during the transitional period 18 September 2017 to 30 January 2018 and will therefore be excluded from the RIT-T process. Once the committed project criteria are fulfilled, any such projects will be published on Powerlink’s website in compliance with the National Electricity Rules requirements.

Projects which have fulfilled the committed project criteria since 18 September 2017 are listed below.

Project name Scheduled completion date    
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Project description Project commissioned
Callide A/Calvale 132kV transmission reinvestment Aug 2021   At Calvale Substation establish a second 275/132kV transformer. 30 July 2021
Garbutt 132/66kV transformers replacement 30 August 2019   At Garbutt Substation remove both of the existing transformers from service and replace with two new 100MVA 132/66kV transformers. 25 July 2019
Dysart transformer replacement 30 June 2022   At Dysart Substation replacement of both of the existing 132/66/22kV transformers with two new 132/66/11kV transformers.  
Dysart primary plant replacement 30 June 2020   At Dysart Substation full replacement of 132kV primary plant and selected replacement of 132kV secondary systems. October 2019
Line refit works on the 275kV transmission line between Woolooga and Palmwoods Substations Oct 2021   Between Woolooga and Palmwoods Substations selective replacement of 275kV steel structure components.  
Ashgrove West Substation replacement June 2022   At Ashgrove West Substation replacement of selected 110kV primary plant and secondary systems.  
Gin Gin Substation rebuild March 2022   At Gin Gin Substation replacement and reconfiguration of the 275kV and 132kV switchyards.  
Line refit works on the 132kV transmission line between Eton Tee and Alligator Creek Substation June 2023   Between Eton Tee and Alligator Creek refit and paint of the 132kV structures.  
Calvale and Callide B secondary systems replacement December 2023   At Calvale Substation and Callide B Power Station replacement of the majority of 275/132kV secondary systems equipment and panels and removal of redundant equipment.