Our transmission lines are typically located within easements. Easements provide Powerlink with a legal ‘right of way’ over a portion of land, so we can safely operate and maintain our transmission lines. 

Update your contact details 

It’s important we have the most up-to-date contact details and land access requirements for our landholders on file. If your contact details or relevant property information has changed – you can update this information quickly and easily through our online form. 

Update your contact details


You can also email [email protected] to update your details. A Powerlink representative may contact you to discuss the changes if required. 

What is an easement? 

We do not own the land most of our transmission network is located on. Our transmission lines are generally built on easements over the land. An easement gives us the legal right to access land to carry out work to build, operate and maintain our transmission network. 

The easement is registered on the property title and the landholder retains ownership and responsibility for the land. The rights of the landholder and Powerlink are explained in the registered easement terms and conditions. 

To protect the safety of people living and working near electricity infrastructure and the safe operation of the transmission network, there are safety requirements about the activities permitted on or near an easement. Many activities can continue as normal, but some activities are not allowed largely for electrical safety reasons. 

We are committed to working closely with landholders to ensure this information is clearly understood and implemented correctly. If you want to carry out an activity on a Powerlink easement and aren’t sure if it’s allowed — simply call us during office hours on (07) 3866 1313.  We’ll discuss your proposal and advise the next steps which may include making a co-use request

Activities on an easement 

Check out our ‘Activities on an easement’ brochure for more information on how we plan, build, operate and maintain our infrastructure. This resource also outlines the type of activities that can and can’t be undertaken on or near our easements and provides helpful information that supports safe working habits for landholders. 

Some examples of activities which are not allowed on an easement include: 

  • building houses 
  • placing obstructions (e.g. a small shed) within 20m of a transmission tower 
  • operating mobile plant equipment (e.g. a tractor) that breaches the overhead statutory clearance distances. 

If you’d like to carry out an activity on an easement, please call us on (07) 3866 1313 to discuss it first.

Maintenance works on your property 

A maintenance representative will contact you on behalf of Powerlink prior to any maintenance work occurring. 

We maintain our network in a variety of ways to ensure our network continues operating safely and reliably; including: 

  • routine inspections on easements and assets 
  • vegetation and debris management to maintain safety clearances 
  • minor works of infrastructure, replacement of parts and emergency repair of damage 
  • access track management as required 
  • installing or replacing signage, or anti-climbing barriers on towers. 

Easement Terms and Conditions

An example of Powerlink’s Easement Terms and Conditions are available to view in the document below. This document will give some indication of the rights and obligations as they apply to a property where Powerlink has a registered power line easement. 

Please note that easement Terms and Conditions may vary from property to property depending on a range of factors including land tenure and the particular easement Terms and Conditions that applied at the time the acquisition occurred. 

For further information on our standards and commitments when entering and using land check out our Land Access Protocol. 

In May 2022, an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease was reported in cattle throughout Indonesia (including Bali) which changed the risk profile for Australia and the Government introduced new and strengthened biosecurity measures to prevent an incursion.

Powerlink also implemented additional heightened biosecurity controls throughout all of its operations, including a company-wide restriction on all employees and contractors from entering livestock areas within 7 days of returning from Indonesia or rural areas in countries known to be impacted by Foot and Mouth Disease. 

Ongoing communication continues to be carried out to reinforce the requirement for all Powerlink employees to follow current Government biosecurity advice and biosecurity toolkits containing Government-approved broad spectrum disinfectants have been made available to all Powerlink workers. 

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and maintain preparedness to respond effectively to any changes in requirements.


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