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A massive 45-tonne electrical transformer has landed in North Queensland to further secure Ingham's power supply.

Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said the transformer, which arrived at the Port of Townsville Tuesday, was the first of two in a $6 million project to update the Ingham South Substation.

"The transformers at Ingham South are more than 50 years old, having been brought in from another substation in Central Queensland," he said.

"Replacing them will ensure the ongoing safe, cost effective and reliable supply of electricity to the Ingham and Hinchinbrook area.

"Queensland's publicly-owned transmission company Powerlink is staging the project to avoid disruptions with the first transformer to be commissioned by the end of the year."

The first replacement transformer, measuring more than six metres long and 3.4 metres high, is heading up the Bruce Highway on a multi-axle trailer by the end of this week.

Dr Lynham said the second replacement transformer was scheduled to arrive in Townsville in October and would be delivered to the Ingham South Substation in mid-2020.

The second transformer is expected to be commissioned by late 2020, completing the project.

"The project will support nine jobs and ensure Powerlink’s transmission network meets investing in North Queensland’s long-term energy needs," he said.

Powerlink Interim Chief Executive Kevin Kehl said transformers played a critical role in safely and securely operating the transmission network.

"Transformers convert high voltage electricity from our transmission network down to a lower voltage suitable for Ergon Energy's distribution network, which in turn delivers electricity to households and businesses," Mr Kehl said.

23 Aug 2019