A Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) is a geographic area which has high quality renewable resources like wind and solar, suitable topography and land available to support the connection of renewable projects.

Development of a REZ allows multiple generators to be connected in the one location, producing cost effective, grid-connected renewable energy.

Powerlink has been working with project proponent Neoen Australia, Cleanco Queensland and the Queensland Government to establish the state’s first REZ.

The northern Queensland Renewable Energy Zone (QREZ) is a large area stretching between Mackay and Cairns encompassing the northern most extent of Powerlink’s transmission network. The northern QREZ groups a number of candidate REZ areas identified by the Australian Energy Market Operator. 

As a first stage in delivering the northern QREZ, we have identified network upgrades south of Cairns that will improve security of energy supply to Cairns and make the network in the north more storm and cyclone resilient and unlock up to 500 megawatts of new renewable energy capacity in Far North Queensland.

By connecting multiple renewable generators in the one location, we are able to connect cost effective, grid-connected renewable energy.