The Queensland Government released the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan and the Queensland SuperGrid Infrastructure Blueprint in September 2022.

We developed an initial response to the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan which outlines the critical role Powerlink and our network will play.

Our response focuses on key areas including Renewable Energy Zone development, the importance of firming and storage and future upgrades to our existing transmission network.

It also outlines the need for early and effective engagement with Queensland communities to jointly shape our future planning.

Read the full response and overview documents below:


The Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan applies a whole-of-system planning approach, setting out the pathways and targets that will facilitate a low carbon economy in the future and ensure an orderly, least-cost transformation of Queensland’s power system.

Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan key targets infographic

Powerlink will play a critical role in delivering the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan. We will drive coordinated and efficient development of Renewable Energy Zones, connect storage such as pumped hydro and support new load growth such as hydrogen and electrification of heavy industry.

Our planning will be shaped by a range of technical, economic and market analyses, as well as feedback from customers and stakeholders.

Through detailed design and planning phases, we will continuously monitor underlying assumptions and adjust system plans as the market evolves.

2022 v 2035 energy landscape

We will pursue a least-cost power system transformation for our customers. 

The communities we co-exist with are looking to us to undertake effective and early engagement to provide information, shape our understanding and influence our decision-making.


QEJP response - Overview diagram

To achieve these targets, the Blueprint includes a few interdependent elements spanning generation, firming and transmission.  

    Renewable energy zones

    • Coordinated approach to provide investor certainty and community benefits
    • Simplicity and speed-to-market
    • Located to utilise natural resources and existing infrastructure

    Firming and storage

    • Supporting the intermittent generation mix
    • Geographic locations that have potential for long duration storage
    • Mix of storage technologies


    • Platform for the energy future
    • Build only transmission required to minimise electricity cost
    • Advanced technology to support reliable system

    We know it is critical that all three of these elements are delivered – no one element on its own will successfully move us to a decarbonised economy.

    The integrated and interdependent nature of these elements and Powerlink’s central role is discussed in more detail throughout our response document.