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Powerlink is undertaking refit works on its transmission towers at Bayview Heights in Cairns, running west through the wet tropics rainforest to Davies Creek, east of Mareeba.

This section of line is approximately 16km in length, consisting of 37 towers – some of which are the tallest in Powerlink’s network at 85 metres, designed to sit above the forest canopy. It has been identified that 21 of the 37 towers along this stretch of line require refit maintenance works to extend their operational life.

Far North Queensland experiences extreme climatic conditions including high ambient temperatures, high relative humidity and regular rainfall outside of the wet season. These maintenance works are necessary to help ensure a continued safe, reliable and cost effective electricity supply to the region.

Refit activities on the towers will include:

  • checking and replacing any corroded nuts, bolts and steelwork
  • re-installing or upgrading tower earthing systems
  • replacing tower signs and anti-climbing barriers
  • foundation strengthening works
  • cleaning, surface preparation and hand painting of towers with zinc-rich paint.


Bayview Heights to Davies Creek Refit Tower - small

Site establishment and maintenance activities on the towers have commenced and will occur during planned network outages over three years, from:

  • July 2023 to December 2023
  • April 2024 to December 2024
  • April 2025 to December 2025

We will continue to work closely with local residents and other stakeholders near the project footprint to keep them informed of our activities and minimise any potential impacts.