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Genex Power Limited (Genex) engaged Powerlink to connect a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) to the Queensland electricity grid. The new battery is located next to Powerlink’s Bouldercombe Substation, near Rockhampton.

This BESS is one of the first stand-alone, large-scale battery operated systems in Queensland, with a capacity of 50MW and ability to store 100MWh of energy. It has the potential to power more than 4,000 homes annually, and with its storage capacity, helps to change the way energy supply is managed during peak demand times.

It will also provide ancillary services to support the stability and reliability of the transmission network.



Work to build a new 132kV substation bay at the Bouldercombe Substation to accommodate the new battery was completed in mid 2023. Powerlink then connected the Bouldercombe BESS to the transmission network and energised the battery in July 2023.

The project also involved delivering and installing a 70 tonne transformer at the Bouldercombe Substation to connect into existing substation equipment.

Crews used a specialised process to meticulously move the transformer into place using hydraulic jacks and large metal beams to slide it into its final position.

This battery will play an important role in supporting a low emissions future, offering the ability to dispatch energy on demand and provide essential power system services such as frequency control, to help to keep the electricity grid in a secure operating state.