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Powerlink is currently undertaking a project to refit the existing 132kV Egans Hill to Rockhampton transmission line.

The line has been in service for nearly 60 years and requires refitting to ensure the ongoing safe, cost effective and reliable supply of electricity to the Rockhampton area. The project involves refitting 37 towers on a case-by-case basis.

Works may include: 

  • checking and replacing any corroded nuts, bolts and steelwork 
  • re-installing or upgrading earthing systems
  • replacing tower signs and anti-climbing barriers
  • foundation strengthening works
  • cleaning, surface preparation and hand painting of towers.

All activities will be undertaken in accordance with agreed property entry conditions and Powerlink’s Land Access Protocol. Project works will also comply with rigorous environmental management requirements.


Inspection and visual assessment work was completed in early 2019. These assessments guided the scope of works for the project and associated design methodologies.

Powerlink worked closely with landholders and other stakeholders within the project footprint to keep them informed of our activities and minimise any potential impacts. On-ground works were completed in early 2022.



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