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Powerlink plays a key role in influencing the energy system of the future, one that balances customer needs, while moving to a lower carbon future that includes battery and storage solutions, grid and generation technologies, and demand management. 

Large-scale Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) involves a large number of battery modules that are installed together. This approach can deliver numerous advantages to make the energy network more secure and stable, and contribute to reducing electricity costs to customers. 

They will play a critical role in the energy transformation and are an ideal partner for renewables. A BESS can store excess energy produced during sunny or windy periods so that it can be used later when it is needed the most.

Powerlink has investigated the potential for batteries to be cost-effectively installed and connected to the transmission network at various locations in Queensland. By connecting to the transmission network in a coordinated way, the battery connection will deliver scale-efficiencies and operational cost-effectiveness.

We ran an Expression of Interest (EOI) to engage with external developers, investors and stakeholders in examining potential BESS opportunities to generate innovative commercial and technical models that are mutually beneficial.  

The process was innovative and highly competitive, aimed at ensuring optimal outcomes for Powerlink, and ultimately Queensland consumers.  We have worked with large-scale battery developers to identify the optimal battery solutions to be located at established substation sites in Queensland. 


Powerlink has signed an agreement with CS Energy to install a grid-scale battery at Powerlink's existing Greenbank Substation. As part of this work, we are connecting a new 200MW battery (with 400MWh storage) into the Greenbank Substation, which supplies electricity to South East Queensland, in particular the Gold Coast, Logan and South Brisbane areas. The battery will have capacity to power 66,000 homes for two hours in the evening peak before needing to recharge.

This is Australia’s first truly cooperative BESS utilisation and optimisation scheme, partnering a transmission network provider with a generation and retail business. 

To support connection of the battery Powerlink completed delivery of a 326 tonne transformer in November 2023. The transformer travelled just over 60 kilometres from the Port of Brisbane to the Greenbank Substation. The transformer was transported by two prime movers in the early hours of the morning. 

Essential out-of-hours works to install and connect the transformer was completed in March 2024. A noise wall around the transformer to help dispel any sound generated has also now been finalised.

The transformer is an essential piece of network equipment which converts high voltage electricity from Powerlink’s transmission network down to lower voltages, suitable for the BESS. 

CS Energy has completed a substantial amount of earthworks for the BESS and are also progressing with foundations and concreting. 

Delivery of the Tesla Megapacks will commence from mid-May 2024 outside of peak hours. The Tesla Megapack 2XL units that will be installed at Greenbank are one of the safest battery storage products of their kind. The batteries undergo extensive fire testing and include integrated safety systems, specialised monitoring software and 24/7 support.

Construction activities are being undertaken between 6.30am and 6.30pm, Monday to Saturday. Traffic controllers are in place to manage the small volume of additional construction-related traffic in the immediate area.

The Greenbank BESS is expected to be fully operational by mid-2025, subject to good weather and site conditions. 

For further project updates or to learn more about the Greenbank BESS project we encourage you to subscribe to CS Energy’s mailing list or visit the CS Energy Greenbank Battery webpage.

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CS Energy and Powerlink hosted a local community information drop-in session at the Greenbank Community Centre in February 2023.  We thank all those who came along to the information session to ask questions and give feedback on the project. If you missed the session and require any additional information, we can encourage you to reach out to CS Energy directly. 



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