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Powerlink has been engaged by Ross River Operations Pty Ltd to connect the Ross River Solar Farm to the high voltage electricity transmission network. The new 125MW solar farm is 1.2km south of Powerlink's existing Ross Substation. Renewable energy generated at the solar farm will be transported into the shared electricity network.  

The project involves building a new bay at Ross Substation, connecting a new transformer in the solar farm yard and installing 1.2km of 132kV underground transmission line cable to link the two sites. Underground cable is being used due to access constraints from the overhead transmission line and associated technical complexities. This is the safest and most cost-effective solution for the project. 


Construction works to connect the solar farm to the transmission network are nearing completion, with trench excavation completed and final works to install underground cable underway. The new transformer will be delivered in early 2018. Construction activities are scheduled to continue in the first quarter of 2018, followed by final commissioning works for the network connection (weather permitting).



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