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Powerlink is undertaking a project to refit the existing 110kV South Pine to Upper Kedron transmission line.  This line is an essential component of the electricity transmission network supplying the Brisbane metropolitan area.

The line has been in service since 1963 and requires refitting to ensure a continued safe, reliable and cost effective power supply to our community.

The project involves refitting 33 towers along the 12.5km line. Specific activities will vary at each tower site, based on its condition, and may include: 

  • further condition assessment
  • replacing overhead earth wires
  • checking and replacing any corroded nuts, bolts and steelwork 
  • restoring and/or upgrading access tracks

All activities will be undertaken in accordance with our Land Access Protocol (LAP). Project works will also comply with rigorous environmental management requirements.


Inspection and condition assessment work commenced in March 2023.

This assessment will guide the scope of works for the project and identify the associated refit works required for each tower along the line.

On-ground works are expected to commence shortly after, with completion expected in September 2023 (weather dependent). 

We will continue to work closely with landholders and other stakeholders within the project footprint to keep them informed of our activities and minimise any potential impacts.


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