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As we move increasingly towards a new energy future, there are growing opportunities for proactive engagement between energy businesses, landholders and communities regarding energy asset development projects and the maintenance of existing energy assets.

This Better Practice Landholder and Community Engagement Guide is a guide on what to expect when we engage with landholders and communities about our energy assets.

This guide was put together with the help of landholder and community representatives including National Farmers Federation, Queensland Farmers' Federation, NSW Farmers Federation, Victorian Farmers Federation, AgForce Queensland, Cotton Australia, APA, TransGrid and Essential Energy based on our collective experience across many energy projects to:

  1. share the high-level principles that help guide our engagement with you
  2. assist in the management of our impacts on you
  3. guide any mutual value opportunities which may exist.

It has been designed to assist in the respectful engagement that needs to take place for the design, development, delivery, operation and/or maintenance of new or existing energy assets.

It is not a technical guide and is not focused on specific projects. Rather, its primary purpose is to encourage better engagement and outcomes for landholders.

Visit The Energy Charter website for more information about the development of this guide.