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  • Activities on an easement

    There are rules around activities you can and can’t do on and around a Powerlink easement. Some of these rules are set out in the registered easement conditions which are noted on the property’s title. These specifically set out the rights of both the landholder and Powerlink.

    In addition to these registered conditions, there are also other guidelines and rules that are based around:

    • safety to the public or to Powerlink employees and contractors 
    • risk of damage to property 
    • the safe operation of the overhead transmission line, underground cable or other assets 
    • access to the line or associated infrastructure for any future works, including maintenance, upgrading or renewal

    Examples of activities which are not allowed on an easement include building houses, placing obstructions (such as a small shed) within 20m of a transmission tower, and operating mobile plant equipment (for example a tractor) that breaches the overhead statutory clearance distances.   

    If you’d like to carry out an activity on an easement, please call us on (07) 3866 1313 to discuss it first.

    For more information read the Activities on an easement brochure or complete our online Co-use request.