Floods and transmission line safety

    Floods and high voltage electricity can be dangerous, so it’s important to act safely around any transmission lines or substations which are flooded.

    For life threatening situations call 000, and for any transmission lines or towers that have blown down or if lines are much lower than usual call Powerlink on 1800 353 031.


    • Treat all electrical equipment as ‘live’, and maintain a safe distance (at least ten metres) from transmission lines at all times. Never approach fallen lines.
    • Don’t steer your boat across transmission lines that are in the water, and be on the lookout for any trees which may have fallen across lines as they too could be ‘live’ with electricity.
    • When driving on the road, don’t drive across fallen transmission lines.
    • If your boat or vehicle does become tangled in fallen transmission lines, stay in the vehicle until the lines are proven safe. If it’s a life threatening situation (such as the vehicle bursts into flames), jump out and land with both feet together then hop away for at least 10 metres—making sure both feet are always together.

    Information sheet outlining floods safety procedures: