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  • Powerlink Queensland inks agreement with James Cook University to provide opportunities for local university students in the delivery of the CopperString 2032 project
  • Collaborative opportunities include work-integrated learning, internships and research in areas of mutual interest including renewable power systems, environmental and biodiversity impact and mitigation

Powerlink Queensland has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with James Cook University (JCU) to work collaboratively in providing opportunities for students as part of the delivery of the CopperString 2032 project.

As part of the MoU, CopperString’s project team will also work with James Cook University on education and collaborative research to support Indigenous engagement and self-determination.

The partnership will provide work integrated learning, internships, professional development opportunities, as well as collaborative research in areas of power systems (including renewables), materials testing, environmental and biodiversity impact and mitigation, rare and threatened species.

This is the first MoU Powerlink has signed with a university to advance opportunities for students and builds on opportunities, particularly for First Nations people.

The intent of the MoU with James Cook University will build on this engagement and provide pathways for First Nations people to be involved in integral specialised roles that are critical to the energy transformation.

James Cook University were recently the recipients of Advance Queensland and the Department of Environment, Science and Innovation’s (DESI) funding to progress research into ‘Optimising Transmission Grid Planning and Operations in North Queensland’.

The goal of this Powerlink-supported research piece is to enhance planning and operations for transmission grid operators with a particular focus on North Queensland. It will also focus on investigating overall grid efficiency and how the network can integrate renewable energy better.

Quotes attributable to CopperString Project Director, Tom Dockray:

“Powerlink recognises CopperString is building more than a high voltage electricity transmission line, it’s also about providing opportunities for communities across North Queensland and future generations.

“This collaboration will have a specific focus on identifying opportunities for collaboration across the engineering and environmental research areas.

“This research will not only benefit the local communities and delivery of CopperString, it may also influence decision making for transmission projects across Australia.

“We are also supporting JCU’s research into optimising the grid, particularly in North Queensland, and how we can better integrate renewable energy resources that CopperString will unlock.

“Powerlink is excited to see how the work of the next generation of students can influence the energy transformation for the future.

“We are proud that the CopperString project has enabled these opportunities for students of James Cook University.”

Quotes attributable to James Cook University’s Professor Ron White, Dean of the College of Science and Engineering:

“JCU and the College of Science and Engineering and excited about our partnership with Powerlink and CopperString 2032.

“The project is well aligned with our mission to support, engage with, and supply talent to industries and communities within the region.

“This partnership will support our students through work integrated learning opportunities and jobs in the region.

“Further, engagement with our researchers in engineering, environmental sciences and other areas with Powerlink will enable JCU to have direct impact in the energy transformation in our region.”

Quotes attributable to James Cook University’s Professor Jenny Seddon, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research:

“JCU is committed to delivering for Northern Queensland through education and research that matters to our region.

“We are delighted to be working with CopperString and Powerlink to engage our students in this transformational project, support the project with engineering and environmental research, and help deliver opportunities for the region.”

Quotes attributable to James Cook University’s Professor Mohan Jacob, Dean, Research Infrastructure:

“The partnership with Powerlink and CopperString will foster innovation and provide insights into the latest technologies in energy generation and transmission.

“It will also offer valuable internships and networking opportunities, ensuring JCU Engineering graduates are well-equipped to meet the demands of the evolving energy landscape.”

Quotes attributable to James Cook University’s Professor Bouchra Senadji, Head of Engineering:

"We are looking forward to partnering with Powerlink and CopperString to support the energy transformation in our region.

“This important partnership will foster innovation in engineering and environmental science, and will provide opportunities for our students to grow, contribute to the transformation of our region and support our communities."

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3 Jun 2024