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Powerlink Queensland’s fire related network events continue to be at record low levels.

Powerlink’s record low levels of outages due to fires in recent times have been attributed to the close working relationships Powerlink Easement Officers have with landholders, state land management agencies such as Local Government and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services and Seqwater, and the Emergency services such as Rural Fire Service. This is also supported through its membership in the South East Queensland Fire and Biodiversity Consortium (SEQFBC)  and the educational and engagement programs undertaken by the SEQFBC activities across the region such as the Private Property Planning Workshops.

Fires across Australia present a very real presence in the landscape and can be a threat to life, property, the environment, primary industries and powerlines. The South East Queensland Fire and Biodiversity Consortium (SEQFBC) is a network of land managers and stakeholder committed to improving fire and biodiversity outcomes, is well known for working with private landholders and government agencies to assist in reducing the threat from fire to life and assets, while also protecting and enhancing the abundance of native plants and animals.   Powerlink Queensland as a long-standing member of SEQFBC continues to support risk mitigation and works closely with stakeholders to plan and prepare for bushfires and performing control burns safely.

Powerlink’s representative at SEQFBC Steve Martin credits the performance to the work that Powerlink’s stakeholders have achieved over the past 4 years in the execution of cool burns that take into consideration high voltage networks. The only anomaly is with the burning of sugarcane near Powerlink’s Transmission lines, which has been targeted as a special interest group. Powerlink Queensland is continuing to work with the Sugar Cane industry to mitigate risk from cane fires. 

Powerlink Queensland is committed to providing its clients with reliable, safe and economical high voltage services so that to enable Queensland industry and households to prosper. Low network fire events helps everyone. 

24 Aug 2018