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Powerlink has been engaged by Townsville City Council to deliver a new substation and 132kV electricity transmission line to connect the Burdekin River Pump Station associated with the Haughton Pipeline Stage 2 Project to the transmission network.  

The Haughton Pipeline Stage 2 Project will connect and extend the existing Stage 1 Pipeline from the Haughton River to the Burdekin River near Clare. Visit Haughton Pipeline Project - Townsville City Council for more information.  


Powerlink is progressing the planning approvals for the project via the Queensland Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning (DSDILGP) under the Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID) process. This process is managed by DSDILGP with input from other government agencies.  

A MID proposal is being prepared to assess the social, environmental and economic impacts of the project. Work is underway on targeted technical assessments to support the project’s MID proposal, such as:  

  • Ecology assessment (including weed surveys)  
  • Noise and vibration assessment  
  • Traffic impact assessment  
  • Water resources and hydrology assessment.  

Get Involved

We are currently undertaking preliminary engagement with impacted landholders, Traditional Owner groups, the wider community and other stakeholders to ensure anyone with an interest in the project has an opportunity to provide initial feedback before the MID proposal is lodged. 

You can contact us by phone on 1800 353 031 or email at [email protected] if you would like further information or to provide feedback.  

Following lodgement of the MID proposal, the Planning Minister will initiate consultation by writing to the local government and directly impacted landholders to invite submissions. Submissions must be made to the Minister via the DSDILGP website.  

During this time, Powerlink will also undertake public consultation with landholders, Traditional Owner groups, community members and other stakeholders to share project information and how to make a submission to the Minister.  



Transmission Lines



In Progress



Richard Alarcon

Property Project Manager
1800 353 031

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