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The Woree to Kamerunga transmission line provides the critical service of connecting Barron Gorge power station to the transmission network and supplying power to northern Cairns. Built in the 1960s, the line is now nearing the end of its technical service life and must be replaced to ensure a safe and reliable electricity supply into the future.

The Woree to Kamerunga transmission line will be replaced in two stages:

  • Stage 1 – Replace the transmission line between the existing Kamerunga Substation and Redlynch. 
  • Stage 2 – Replace the transmission line between Redlynch and the existing Woree Substation.  


Powerlink commenced engagement for stage 1 works in October 2019. The existing Kamerunga to Redlynch transmission line provides a critical service and must remain in operation while the replacement line is constructed. We are undertaking investigations on the preferred alignment for the replacement line, which is located directly to the east of the existing line.

We will continue to engage with landholders and other stakeholders about the preferred alignment to seek their input to the preparation for the Environmental Assessment Report.

We thank landholders for their cooperation. 

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