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Powerlink is upgrading the capacity of part of our North Queensland transmission network between Cairns and Townsville.  The project will see the existing 132kV coastal transmission line upgraded to permanently operate at 275kV capacity.

Works will be conducted at our existing Woree, Ross, Tully and Yabulu South substations to accommodate the new 275kV transmission line connections. This will improve the reliability and security of supply and make the north’s transmission network more storm and cyclone resilient. 

The Queensland Government has committed $40 million towards the transmission network capacity upgrade, supporting delivery of the Northern Queensland Renewable Energy Zone (QREZ). Once this work is complete, up to 500MW of additional capacity will be unlocked for renewable projects in the far north.

Find out more about the Northern QREZ .


Upgrade works have commenced at Powerlink’s Woree, Ross and Tully substations, with a range of 275kV equipment being installed to facilitate the network capacity upgrade. Completion of works across these substations for the Northern QREZ is expected in mid-2023 (weather dependent).

Activities at the Yabulu South Substation are anticipated to commence in mid-2023 (weather dependent). 

For more information regarding these works, please refer to specific substation information on this page. 




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