To enhance the value and outcomes of the Regulatory Investment Test for Transmission (RIT-T) engagement process, Powerlink has developed a stakeholder engagement matrix. 

The engagement activities identified in the matrix are in addition to regulatory consultation guidelines which require Powerlink to publish a:

•    Project Specification Consultation Report (PSCR) (excluding projects which are actionable ISP projects)
•    Project Assessment Draft Report (PADR) – if required
•    Project Assessment Conclusion Report (PACR).

The matrix details a list of potential engagement activities that may be undertaken, with the final engagement strategy determined on a case-by-case basis.

RIT-T Stakeholder Engagement Matrix

* Irrespective of a Transmission Network Service Provider’s internal assessment of the likelihood of non-network options, the public RIT-T consultation process provides an open and non-discriminatory (technology neutral) framework which places the consideration of non-network options on an equal footing with network options.

** The cost threshold of $43 million is a specific requirement in the Rules at which a full RIT-T process must be undertaken, irrespective of the likelihood of non-network options and market benefits.  However, categorisations will be determined primarily by the potential for non-network options and market benefits, so there will be many instances where projects are well below the $43 million but trigger a ‘normal’ or ‘complex’ classification due to these other factors.

Engagement level - Minor (PADR exempt)

Project characteristics

  • Non-network options unlikely*
  • No material market benefits identified
  • Preferred option <$43 million **

Potential engagement activities

  • Notification to Powerlink Non-Network Engagement Stakeholder Register – you can subscribe to this register by emailing [email protected]
  • AEMO Notice and summary
  • Publication of RIT-T project details on Powerlink website
  • Dedicated email contact
  • Project fact sheet
  • Alerts through Powerlink's Twitter and LinkedIn accounts
Engagement level - Normal

Project characteristics 

  • Minor network reconfiguration / material impact on network users
  • Possibility of non-network options
  • Material market benefits identified

Potential engagement activities

In addition to engagement activities identified at minor level:

Engagement level - Complex

Project characteristics

  • Network reconfiguration / material impact on multiple network users
  • Likelihood of non-network options
  • Significant market benefits identified

Potential engagement activities

In addition to engagement activities identified at normal level:

  • Dedicated engagement forum to analyse project options
  • Where relevant,  issue additional documentation such as methodology and assumption papers