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Powerlink recently delivered a high voltage transformer to our Bouldercombe Substation, tipping the scales at more than 200 tonnes.

Bouldercombe substation stands as one of the largest facilities servicing Central Queensland, playing a vital role in ensuring a reliable supply of power across the region. Notably, it is also the proud home of 'Big Bessie,' Genex's grid-scale battery which was connected to the substation in 2023.

The journey of this big piece of equipment commenced from Gladstone Port at approximately 10pm on Saturday 23 March, and by the break of dawn on Sunday morning, the convoy had successfully navigated its way to Powerlink's Bouldercombe substation.

Transporting such a load required the combined efforts of four prime movers, boasting a staggering total of 232 wheels. The transformer's total operational weight of 326 tonnes, equivalent to the mass of roughly eight Boeing 737 jets, measured 10.1m in length, 4.5m in width and 4.4m in height.

The successful transportation of this vital component was made possible through a collaborative effort, with Queensland Police and transport contractor Rex J Andrews.

Their coordination ensured the safe and efficient delivery of this crucial infrastructure piece to its destination.

The arrival of this high voltage transformer at Powerlink's Bouldercombe Substation increases the stability of the network as Powerlink continues to build Queensland's SuperGrid.

As the energy landscape evolves, investments in such infrastructure remain imperative to meet the region's evolving energy needs and ensures reliable power supply for years to come.

Find out more about the Bouldercombe Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) project.

28 Mar 2024