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Powerlink has been engaged by Genex Power Limited (Genex) to undertake a range of activities to investigate a potential 275kV electricity transmission line connection and associated substations to connect Genex's renewable energy generation project at Kidston to the national electricity grid.

The proposed Genex Renewable Energy Hub includes establishing a combination hydro pumped storage and solar power generation facility at Kidston, approximately 270km north-west of Townsville. Visit for more information.


Following execution of a Connection and Access Agreement in March 2021, Powerlink has now received the project’s 'Notice to Proceed'. This activates Genex’s final commercial approval for the project and signals commencement of activities to formally progress the project, which includes working with landholders and other stakeholders to finalise a range of planning approval processes. Powerlink is focusing on reactivating project planning activities, including engaging with landholders and other stakeholders about next steps, and identifying remaining technical, environmental and cultural heritage assessment work to take place.

Our commitment to seeking planning approval for the proposed project under Infrastructure Designation remains unchanged (as per the Planning Act 2016). No decision will be made about the final route for the proposed transmission line and switching station location at Mt Fox until a comprehensive impact assessment process and associated consultation is finalised, and planning approval is granted by the Planning Minister. Activities such as planning approval, easement acquisition and construction will involve additional engagement and consultation opportunities for landholders and other stakeholders.

The Draft EAR for the Genex Kidston Connection Project was released on 28 September 2018. The report was developed following comprehensive engagement with landholders and other stakeholders to understand likely property impacts and identify mitigation measures, as well as undertaking environmental and technical assessments. It concludes that, based on the studies undertaken to date, provided Powerlink implements the recommendations outlined in the Draft EAR and associated Draft Environmental Management Plans, there are no social, environmental or economic factors that would prevent the connection project from proceeding. The public consultation period for the Draft EAR concluded on 2 November 2018.

In accordance with Infrastructure Designation requirements under the Planning Act 2016 at the time, public submissions on the Draft EAR were required to be lodged to the Planning Minister. Powerlink thanks landholders and other stakeholders for their feedback on the Draft EAR, including those who made submissions on the report and attended our community information drop-in sessions.

A copy of the Draft EAR is available on this webpage. If you would prefer to be sent a hard copy, please contact Powerlink on FREECALL 1800 635 369.

Since Draft EAR release, there have been some changes made to specific steps within the Infrastructure Designation process. Powerlink is working with the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning to understand these changes and impacts on our planning and approvals process. We remain committed to working closely with landholders and other stakeholders as this proposed connection project progresses to ensure appropriate consultation opportunities are upheld throughout this process.




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