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Powerlink has been engaged by Genex Power Limited (Genex) to deliver a 275kV electricity transmission line and two associated switching stations to connect Genex's renewable energy generation project at Kidston to the national electricity grid.

The Kidston Clean Energy Hub includes establishing a combination pumped storage hydro, solar and wind power generation facility at Kidston, approximately 270km north-west of Townsville. Visit for more information.

Genex Kidston Infographic

To acknowledge local Traditional Owners, we sought the advice of the Gugu Badhun Aboriginal Corporation (GBAC) to nominate a name for the switching station at Mount Fox. The name Guybal Munjan™* was selected, which means ‘fire mountain’ in local language, and is pronounced ‘guy-bel moo-wun’. We appreciated the opportunity to work alongside Traditional Owners to determine this name.

*The name Guybal Munjan is the Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property of the GBAC and is a registered trade mark owned by the GBAC. Powerlink is continuing to work with GBAC in relation to a formal agreement for the respectful use of the name.


A significant project milestone was achieved in December 2023 with the construction of the Guybal Munjan® Switching Station in Mount Fox reaching practical completion. Site acceptance testing is underway, with final testing and commissioning works to commence in early 2024. 

Construction progress on the Aurumfield Switching Station is also going well with an estimated construction completion date of Q2 2024.  

New control buildings have arrived in Brisbane to complete factory acceptance testing before being deployed to the Aurumfield Switching Station in February 2024. These buildings will feature leading technology and are a critical part in maintaining the security and reliability of electricity out of the pumped hydro facility to North Queensland. 

More than 230 of the 348 transmission tower foundations have now been completed along the transmission line alignment, with 16 towers erected and more than 50 towers assembled since tower assembly and installation works commenced from the Kidston end of the project. 

Construction of the Mount Fox Cricket Ground wash down facility was completed in October 2023, and is currently utilised by construction vehicles and the Mount Fox Fire Brigade.  

Construction works are anticipated to be completed by Q3/4 2024, subject to weather and site conditions.    

Working with the local community

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss and listen to your feedback at any time.

You can contact us on 1800 635 369 or via email at [email protected]

Powerlink has been working with principal contractor UGL to maximise local employment and procurement opportunities wherever possible for this project. 

Sub-contracting opportunities on the project have included vegetation and access works, machine and equipment hire, cleaning services, waste management and recycling, and much more. 

To date we have engaged more than 25 local suppliers, with local contracts valued at more than $30 million.  

Powerlink’s community investment activities are aimed at supporting initiatives and projects that focus on creating sustainable communities and assist within economic development, enhance community and social capacity, build resilience and create positive legacies.   

More than $115,000 in community investment funding has been committed so far by the Genex Kidston Connection Project across the Charters Towers, Etheridge and Hinchinbrook local government areas including: 

  • sponsoring the Ingham Maraka Festival, one of the biggest community events in Hinchinbrook 
  • Greenvale Country Club renovations  
  • sponsoring the ‘Open Award’ at the 8th Hinchinbrook Birdlife Art Awards which was won by Helen Thrift Brooks with her piece “All About the Bling”  
  • refurbishment of the Greenvale Seniors Club which began in late November 2023 and involves suppliers from Charters Towers and Townsville 
  • working with Etheridge Shire Council to install smart lighting in community parks with works expected to commence in early 2024, weather dependent. 

For more information about Powerlink’s community investment activities, please contact [email protected] or visit   

Project background

In October 2022, Powerlink was awarded Federal environmental approvals for the Genex Kidston Connection Project – Matters of National Environmental Significance under the Commonwealth’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act 1999.

Following the identification of some species and potential habitat listed under the EPBC Act in the vicinity of the proposed transmission line alignment for the Genex Kidston Connection Project, Powerlink referred the project to the former Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DoAWE) for assessment to ensure our activities can be delivered in a way that effectively minimises environmental impacts. The initial public consultation period occurred in October 2021 for Powerlink’s referral of this project to DoAWE. We invited landholders, the community and other stakeholders to provide comments on the project and Powerlink’s referral for consideration under the EPBC Act. At the end of this consultation period, DoAWE classified the project as a ‘Controlled Action’, which meant the project required Commonwealth approval under the EPBC Act.

To progress with these approvals, Powerlink prepared a report further examining environmental considerations and mitigation measures associated with the project. Under provisions of the EPBC Act, this report - called ‘Draft Preliminary Documentation’ - was released for public comment in May/June 2022. This document is available on this project webpage. 

Following a review of submissions received, Powerlink prepared the ‘Final Preliminary Documentation’ report. This report includes a summary of the key items raised in the submissions and provides responses to these key items. This information is presented in a new section within the Final Preliminary Documentation (Section 10). The Final Preliminary Documentation is available on this webpage. 

The Ministerial Infrastructure Designation Assessment Report (MIDAR) for the Genex Kidston Connection Project was released in November 2021 for public review and comment. The report was submitted to the Queensland Government’s Planning Minister for approval under the Planning Act 2016. A copy of the MIDAR is available on this webpage. 

The MIDAR identifies the potential environmental, economic and social impacts of the project, and how those impacts can be mitigated or managed. It concludes that, based on the studies undertaken to date, provided Powerlink implements the recommendations outlined in the report and associated Environmental Management Plans, there are no social, environmental or economic factors that prevent the connection project from proceeding.

The MIDAR was prepared following extensive engagement with landholders, the community and other stakeholders, environmental and technical assessments, and a comprehensive review of the project’s Draft Environmental Assessment Report (EAR) which was released in September 2018.

Following execution of a Connection and Access Agreement in March 2021, Powerlink received the project’s 'Notice to Proceed'. This signalled the re-commencement of activities to formally progress the connection project, which includes working with landholders and other stakeholders to finalise a range of planning approval processes. Powerlink reactivated project planning activities, including engaging with landholders and other stakeholders about next steps, and undertaking remaining technical, environmental and cultural heritage assessment work.

The Draft EAR for the Genex Kidston Connection Project was released in September 2018, as part of the process to seek planning approval at that time under the Planning Act 2016. The report was developed following comprehensive engagement with landholders and other stakeholders at the time to understand likely property impacts and identify mitigation measures, as well as undertaking environmental and technical assessments. It concluded that, based on the studies undertaken to date, provided Powerlink implements the recommendations outlined in the Draft EAR and associated Draft Environmental Management Plans, there are no social, environmental or economic factors that would prevent the connection project from proceeding. The public consultation period for the Draft EAR concluded in November 2018. A copy of the Draft EAR is available on this webpage.




In Progress



Ministerial Infrastructure Designation Assessment Report

Draft Environmental Assessment Report - Appendices

EPBC Annual Compliance Report


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Manager Landholder Relations
07 3860 2377

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