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Powerlink has been engaged by Stanwell Corporation Limited to relocate a short section of our existing Tarong to Middle Ridge transmission line to safely accommodate future proposed mining activities at the Meandu Mine.

Stanwell intends to conduct mining within the current surface rights area located underneath the existing transmission line and is also seeking approval to increase the surface rights area of the mine, known as the King 2 East (K2E) project. Visit Stanwell’s K2E project page for more information.


Following completion of planning approvals, site preparation works have commenced for the transmission line relocation at Meandu Mine.

Initial construction activities include vegetation management and preparation of access tracks to facilitate the safe and efficient delivery of construction activities. Once preliminary works are complete, foundation works for the transmission towers in the relocated section of transmission line can commence, followed by tower assembly and stringing activities. Following completion of construction for the new line, the existing line will be decommissioned.

Construction works are expected to conclude in early March 2024, subject to weather and site conditions.

We thank all directly affected landholders, including Traditional Owner groups, for their ongoing assistance and involvement with progressing this project.

We will continue to engage and provide regular updates during the construction phase of the project.

Project background 

Powerlink is building a new 4.6km section of 275kV transmission line, including 15 towers, to replace the current section of line impacted by Stanwell’s future proposed mining activities. The project also includes decommissioning and removing the existing 3.8km section of line. The replacement transmission line section is immediately east of the proposed K2E boundary.

This ensures the replacement line is as short as possible and minimises impacts to the surrounding area. The new corridor maximises state forest and industrial land uses in the region, with the relocated section of line to traverse around 3.4km of state forest and the remaining 1.2km in land owned by Stanwell. The corridor is located several kilometres away from the nearest rural residential properties. This section of line is also largely obscured by state forest, to minimise visual amenity impacts for neighbouring properties.


As part of the project’s approval process under the Planning Act 2016, an Environmental Assessment Report (EAR) was released for public comment in  April 2023. 

A copy of the EAR is available on this webpage. It identifies the final alignment for the relocated section of line, located within the recommended corridor identified in the Final Corridor Selection Report (CSR).

The report also identified the potential social, environmental and economic impacts of the project, and how those impacts can be mitigated or managed, across the whole lifecycle of the infrastructure where possible.

Ministerial Infrastructure Designation approval was received on 18 July 2023 and published in the Queensland Government Gazette on 21 July 2023.

We thank all directly affected landholders, including the Traditional Owners, for their ongoing assistance and involvement in meetings to progress this project. We will continue to engage and provide regular updates during the construction phase of the project.



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