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Powerlink has been engaged by Stanwell Corporation Limited to relocate a short section of our existing Tarong to Middle Ridge transmission line to safely accommodate future proposed mining activities at the Meandu Mine. 

Stanwell intends to conduct mining within the current surface rights area located underneath the existing transmission line and is also seeking approval to increase the surface rights area of the mine, known as the King 2 East (K2E) project. Stanwell has been engaging with landholders and other stakeholders about the proposed K2E project since 2019 and is well-progressed with project approvals. Visit Stanwell’s K2E project page for more information.

Powerlink is following a Ministerial Infrastructure Designation approvals process under the Planning Act 2016 to finalise easement acquisition work to confirm the most appropriate location for this relocated section of transmission line.


Powerlink has been engaging with Stanwell and other directly affected landholders to examine the most appropriate corridor to relocate this short section of transmission line. The preferred corridor is directly to the east of Stanwell’s proposed K2E project to minimise impacts on surrounding landholders and the wider community, and ensure the long-term suitability of transmission infrastructure in the area.

This preferred corridor will be the subject of further investigation and consultation with landholders and other stakeholders through development of various reports to examine the project in more detail. 

The first of these reports, the Draft Corridor Selection Report (CSR), has been released for public review and comment. The Draft CSR examines the social, physical and environmental characteristics within the project area, and the suitability of relocating this small section of transmission line to minimise impacts to directly affected landholders and the wider community. 

We invite your feedback on the Draft CSR, which can be viewed on this web page. Feedback can be provided until close of business on Monday 1 August 2022. 

There will be additional opportunities for further feedback and input as the project progresses. Future stages of development such as formal planning approvals, determining the alignment within the corridor, finalising easements and construction will include further engagement opportunities.



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